Hiking holiday in the
unique natural scenery

It will bring joy to your heart!

In the summer, our mountain scenery with the imposing peaks of the Ennskrax and Bärenkogel and the alpine meadows around Tappenkar Lake and Kitzstein are an absolute hit with hikers. Truly find yourself as you walk through beautiful nature. The nature conservation area around Jäger Lake will make you feel down-to-earth. Our hiking tour guides will take you to the most beautiful spots and are happy to provide additional tips for your own hikes.

After your hike, you can unwind in our wellness area or our newly designed gardens. The lawn offers a glorious view of the Ennskrax.

This is what your
hiking holiday could look like:

  • Saturday: Arrival and meet&greet
  • Sunday: Walk through the village or cycle to the Jägersee Lake, situated only 4 km from the hotel.
    In the evening, enjoy a cocktail while the hotel programme is presented to you.
  • Monday: Start the week with a hike to the biggest natural mountain lake in the eastern Alps. First, travel past the beautiful Jägersee Lake.
    After hiking for two hours, you will be rewarded with a view of an imposing lake in a mountain basin surrounded by cliff faces and meadows.
  • Tuesday: Take the hiking taxi to the Schüttalm station at a height of 1750 m and hike across the Weißenhof and Steinkar alpine meadows.
  • Wednesday: Visit to the farm museum at Edelweiß farm in Wagrain. Coffee and home-made cake at the hotel in the afternoon.
  • Thursday: Hike to medium heights with hiking tour guide Toni or José. Kleinarl mountain hut, Kurzeggalm, Frauenalm, Maurachalm …. all are popular destinations
  • Friday: As a final highlight, take an idyllic evening trip in the hiking taxi to Jäger Lake. This emerald-green lake at the head of the valley is a truly beautiful place.
  • Saturday: Departure and visit to Hohenwerfen Castle or Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves ... an excursion on the way home.

Let's find the
most beautiful places

Toni and Resi are certified hiking guides and offer discovery tours three times a week. Experience nature and the mountains and open your eyes to the beauties of the Alps. And no doubt you'll have a good laugh en route as well.

Toni's hiking tips:

Weißenhof Farm

Weißenhof Farm

Duration: 1.5 hours |
300 m altitude ↑

At the hotel, we will be picked up by the hiking taxi. It will take us up to Schütt farm at a height of 1600 m. The hike will take us to Mooskopf - Wildbühel and via its anticline to Weißenhof farm. After a short rest, we will return via the Almweg to the mid-station at the Galler guesthouse and from there back to the valley.

Tip for families: The taxi has space for pushchairs, and the route along Forststraße to Weißenhof farm is a suitable hike. From there, you can return to Schütt farm to be collected by the hiking taxi again in the afternoon.

Tappenkar Lake

Tappenkar Lake

Duration: 2 hours |
600 m altitude ↑

Drive towards the head of the valley for 8 km. Park there and start your hike to the largest lake in the eastern Alps. You will be travelling upwards along serpentine roads, on a rocky but well-maintained path and across a waterfall. Walk to the mountain hut along the edge of the lake and from there to the shelter at a height of 1860 m above the lake. After a well-deserved rest, return to the valley the same way you came.

Tappenkar Lake always looks calm and picturesque, but it contains some dangerous eddies and maelstroms. From the shelter, you'll have a breathtaking view of the lake, the cragged peaks and splendid brooks. You will love it!

Kleinarl mountain hut

Kleinarl mountain hut

Duration: 2.5 hours |
750 m altitude ↑

To the west of the valley, a route takes you across the Peilstein meadows to Palfen and onto Hirschleitstraße. 200 m before you reach the farm, the path enters a woodland where you should take route no. 5 across Öbriststraße to the Kleinarl mountain hut.

On your way back, take the same route until Sauwaldstraße (19). Beyond the Kesselbach junction, go via Reitlehen, Kesselfall and the adventure park back to the village.

Steinkar Farm - Blue Lake

Steinkar Farm - Blue Lake

Duration: 2.5 hours |
800 m altitude ↑

Feel the calm of the alpine meadows at Steinkar farm! We will take the hiking taxi to the mid-station at the Galler guesthouse. From there, our route will be through the woodland to Moos farm. We will continue on a beautiful path to Weißenhof farm and after a short stop we'll carry on across the alpine meadows below Mosereck at a height of 1960 m above Steinkar farm.

This is a great place to eat, drink and rest at a height of 1700 m. The route back to the valley will take another two hours of hiking. If you have any energy left, you can hike from Steinkar farm to the Blue Lake (route up to Ennskraxn). The smaller lake has its own island, and its colour can range from crystal clear to navy blue. A glorious and restorative prospect!



Duration: 5 hours |
1400 m altitude ↑

Ennskraxn, Kleinarl's 'local mountain', has a height of 2410 m. If you are staying in Kleinarl Valley, this is a climb that you mustn't miss. The hike is very challenging and takes a whole day. You must be surefooted and experienced with mountains. Your reward will be an amazing view - it has long been nicknamed "Prospect mountain", and for good reason.

Start of the hike: past the church and along Salzburger Almenweg 714. Past Ennskraxn station on to Sennenbründl, towards Steinkar farm (route 90). Along the beautiful "Blue Lake" and the rock wall to the Nordwestkamm, then on to the summit.

The descent will follow the same route.

High road Kleinarl - Wagrain

High road Kleinarl - Wagrain

Duration: 4.5 hours |
300 m altitude ↑

Follow in the footsteps of Karl-Heinrich Waggerl and start your hike in Wagrain. The best way to do this is by taking the Postbus. This will take you from the Kirchboden district in the Flying Mozart to Kogel Farm at a height of 1880 m above sea level. On your way up, enjoy the view over Kleinarl Valley with Wagrain and St. Johann. You will be facing the V-shaped valley typical of the region south of Salzburg with its mountain farms up to a height of 1500 m.

The first metres to the Wagrain building are easy going. After that, you will be climbing steeply upwards to the Grießenkareck. This summit is the highest point in Wagrain at 1991 m. After the summit, you will continue along the high road towards Frauenalmsattel, Schütt farm. The Betterlsteig is another route option. This route will take you past the Wagrain building below the ridge, past the Saukarkopf and onto the Ahornkopf to the Fürstwand. In clear weather, you will have a panoramic view 50 km into the distance. After you reach the Kleinarl lift, take it in the direction of the valley to Schütt farm. From there, you can walk over mountain meadows to the Pröll mountain guesthouse. This is the birthplace of the world renowned ski racer Annemarie Moser-Pröll. From there, it is only another half hour along Güterweg back into the valley, or you can take the shortcut through the woodland directly to Hotel Guggenberger.

Penkkopf - Kurzegg Farm

Penkkopf - Kurzegg Farm

Duration: 3.5 Stunden |
1011 m altitude ↑

This hike starts at the tourism office in the centre of Kleinarl. The route takes you through shady woodland and colourful meadows up to the summit of Penkkopf. From there, you can enjoy a picturesque 360° alpine panorama. You return via Kurzegg farm - take a refreshment or enjoy home-made specialities on its sunny patio before returning to the valley.

Time for an excursion!

Be sure not to miss the many beautiful sights around Kleinarl. The magical Liechtensteinklamm or the ice caves "Eisriesenwelt" are genuine natural spectacles. Hohenwerfen Castle and the City of Salzburg are great for culture lovers.

  • Mountain bike tours

    During your summer holidays at Wagrain-Kleinarl, you can discover 19 mountain bike routes at different difficulty levels.

    Electric bike rental: In the summer, electric bike rental stations are open in Kleinarl and Wagrain, which come with a free electric bike map containing routes and charging stations. If you book the day before, your electric bikes can be brought to the hotel.

  • Liechtensteinklamm

    Liechtensteinklamm in St. Johann/Pg. is the longest and deepest ravine in the Alps. The powerful whooshing of the waterfall, the moss-covered, deep green rocks, an atmosphere steeped in legend and the sun's rays which create rainbows in the fine mist of the water.

  • Werfen Ice Caves "Eisriesenwelt"

    A guide and a gas lantern will be all you'll need in these mysterious, exciting ice caves. This is one of the most popular sights in Salzburg. A tip: the climb can be quite challenging and may make you sweat. But the caves themselves remain very cool in the summer. So make sure to bring the right clothes.

  • Hohenwerfen Castle

    The place to experience the Middle Ages first hand. Hohenwerfen Castle in the Salzburg Pongau district is more than 900 years old and towers on a steep crag above Salzach valley. Peak through the arrow slits for a fantastic view of the surrounding mountain giants.

  • City of Salzburg and Hohensalzburg fortress

    Mozart's city with its unique icon is always worth a visit. Exhibitions, events, concerts and many culinary delights await. We'll be pleased to tell you the best places to go.

Want more action?

Perfect region for outdoor fans and adrenaline junkies. There are plenty of high-action activities available around Kleinarl. Climbing, rafting, canyoning or the spectacular flying fox are also waiting for you to push your boundaries. Just ask us where to find them and we'll be pleased to advise you.

Your family wants to join you?
We're glad to hear it and have something for everyone.




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