Beauty treatments in Wellnesshotel Guggenberger
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Massages and beauty treatments

We set our focus on biological products from STYX cosmetics and pleasant treatments and healthful massages taking care of your regeneration and well being during your summer or winter holiday.


  • The treatment will be charged in the beauty department in cash
  • Book your appointments directly at the front desk- we are happy to find the perfect treatment for you!

Enjoy the massages and beauty treatments!
Entspannung im Ruheraum Silencium

Beauty treatments


The best from the nature and the biological quality von STYX cosmetics. Facial treatments for a unique, fresh and smoother complexion.


80 min € 90,00
  • Deep cleansing of the skin, Steem treatment
  • Peeling
  • Mask with color light therapy, Serum and ampule
  • Eye brow correction, Soft eye mask
  • Anti age jeweled facial mask solves tensions in the back and neck
30 min € 28,00
60 min € 40,00
Facial treatments
Maniküre und Pediküre
Classical partial body massage

 A treatment for specific complaints of specific regions of the body

Through the special kneading technique the lymph system is activated, tensions are being relieved and blocked energy regains its flow.


ca. 30 min € 35,00
Full body massage

A classical massage for body and soul instills a new vitality and freshness and stimulate the blood circulation and relaxes the muscles.


55 min € 62,00
Aroma oil massage

The aroma oil massage is an ideal combination between relaxation and the healing effects of certain plants.

The oils act on the body and can be used according to individual demand. A combination of a relaxing massage including natural oils warmed up is a scent for body and soul.


ca. 50 min € 65,00
Reassuring and compensatory infant massage

This massage is to provide health and well being for children and has a positively affect on infant hormones that control stress.

ca. 30 min € 35,00
Meridian back-neck-shoulder massage with arnica

This massage technique is using a high finger pressure. The meridian treatment is ideal for headaches, dizziness, migraine, joint pain, tennis elbow, lumbago or other pain. Helps to reduce the negative stress.


ca. 45 min € 62,00
Abbyanga Ayurveda full body oil massage

The traditional Abbyanga is a relaxing and detoxing fully body treatment. The treatment ends with a massage using a cream containing precious essential oils, which takes you into the world of deep relaxation and relieves tension as well as eliminates stress and tiredness. The Doshas Vatta, Pitta, Kapha are guided in harmony.


ca. 90 min € 110,00
Massage for afflicted feets and legs

Has a refreshing and vitalizing effect in the case of stiff muscles and tensions.The blood circulation enhancing massages and activates the lymph flow. Helps to eliminate water and toxins in the body. Very relaxing and super light legs afterwards!


ca. 30 min € 35,00
Dorn-Breus back massage with Saint John wort oil

This massage is a soft, energetic back massage that helps to eliminate emotional blockades and activates the regeneration of the backbone and spinal disk.


ca. 25 min € 40,00
Body detox electro bath

The acid- base ratio of the body is very important. Environmental toxics, poor diet and physical inactivity and daily stress have a serious impact on the biochemical process.  The treatment is supported by the following health problems: Rheumatic complaints, skin conditions, arthrosis, gout, sciatica and lumbago and headache.


ca. 30 min € 40,00
Ear candle and color therapy

Ear Candling is used for soothing the symptoms of ear problems. It can help relieve pain, discomfort and itching, and assist the ear in its natural removal of unwanted wax and debris including remains of infections and environmental pollution from the ear canal.

Helps to reduce headaches and tinnitus and stress.


ca. 30 min € 40,00
Alpenquell full body peeling with salt of the mountains

A wonderful relaxing treatment after a skiing day! Fresh kick for the body skin, desquamated skin is getting silky and soft!
This means intensive refreshment for low-moisture, tired, dry skin and effective smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles. 

ca. 30 min € 40,00
Body pack Spa Detox

Effective, precious algae extract in the peeling, body wrap and massage oil have an intense purifying and detoxifying action. The connective tissue strengthened and a positive effect against cellulite.

ca. 30 min € 40,00
Ayurveda Ölmassage