Holiday in a hotel next to the skiing slope in Kleinarl, Ski amadé, Austria
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The most beautiful hiking and trail destinations- recommendation from Toni Guggenberger for your hike in Kleinarl and Wagrain! Summer holiday at it’s best!

Hiking is a fascinating blend of exercise, relaxation and nature experience.

  • Lake Tappenkar
  • Kleinarler Alp
  • Steinkaralm - Blue Lake
  • Ennskraxn
  • High mountain trail Wagrain
Largest lake of the eastern alps

"When the autumn sun draws its way across the Tappenkar, the peaceful lake reflects the image of the mountains and the great, the immense high heaven. "(Karl Heinrich Waggerl)

The hike to the largest lake of the eastern alps, to the Tappenkar Lake!

With the car you will drive to the end of Kleinarl.

The hike to the Lake Tappenkar leads you alongside the Jägersee to the Schwabalm car park, which you can either reach on foot or by car via a toll road. Numerous curves and hairpin bends take you through magical landscape formations. 

When you reach the plateau, take time to enjoy the majestic views down to the Tappenkar Lake one of the largest mountain lakes in the Eastern Alps and surrounded by steep rock faces. Alpine chalets and huts invite you to enjoy a refreshment break, where you can take a deep breath and absorb the unique setting.

Duration 5 Hours
Altitude 550 m
Hike to the Lake Tappenkar
A hike for hot summer days- Kleinarler alp!

From the west side of Kleinarl you will take the road to direction Hirschleiten street. 200 metres in before reach the farm the hiking trail leads into the forest and on the track number 5 from the Öbrist street to the Kleinarler alp. For your way back you take the same trail until Sauwald street ( 19) outside ‘’Kesselbachgabelung’’ to direction Reitlehen, Kesselfall to the Adventure land back to Kleinarl.

Duration 5 Hours
Kleinarler Alp
Steinkaralm-Blue lake

Just below Kleinarl’s most famous peak - the Ennskraxn – lies the smallest of the mountain lakes in Wagrain-Kleinarl. Below the summit, on the shoreline of the blue lake, its steep cliffs tower upwards. The water, which generally shimmers in deep-blue tones of color, gives the lake its name. 

It is not so much its size as it is the special location and uniqueness of the countryside which create the unique appeal of this mountain lake. But whatever the case, one of the most beautiful hikes in Wagrain-Kleinarl will lead you up there. 


Duration 5 Hours
Altitude 786 m
Steinkaralm Blue Lake
Popular viewing point – The Ennskraxn

The Ennskraxn the local mountain or the so called own local mountain from Kleinarl the gorgeous mountain is visible from far away. To climb the Ennskraxn it is a huge challenge also for experienced climbers. Excellent physical condition, and a sure foot are necessary requirements! As soon as reached the summit you will have an fascinating view over the valley!

Viewing point Ennskraxn
High altitude trail- Wagrain

The best way to start the hike is in Wagrain. The bus will take you in about 30 minutes to Wagrain. From the so-called ‘’Kirchboden’’ you can take the comfortable Flying Mozart to the Kogelam 1880 metres above sea level.  During your drive you can enjoy a fascinating view over the Kleinarler, Wagrainer and St. Johann valley. Get involved in a typical V-view for the southern part of Salzburg with old mountain farms up to 1500 altitude.

The first few metres are easy to walk a perfect start for your summer hike! Afterwards you will go the first time up to the Grießenkareck. The summit cross is the highest point Wagrains on 1991 meters. After you will pass by the Saukarkopf and the Ahornnkopf until to Fürstwand. Perfect weather conditions will provide a fascinating view over 50 kilometers.



As soon as you have reached the lifts of the Kleinarler mountain railways the path goes down to the Schüttalm and furthermore you will cross a beautiful alpine pastures to the Mountain restaurant Pröll which is the birthplace of the famous Ski downhill racer Annemarie Moser-Pröll.

From there you will reach the Hotel Guggenberger in about 30 minutes


Duration 4,5 Hours
Altitude 1991 m
High altitude trail- Wagrain